Intrinsic Motivation for People with ADHD: Reach for the Sky

A whirlwind of excitement followed by an enormous crash.  Push, push, push.  Here’s a piece of candy.  That’s our folks with ADHD.  What do we want?  Motivation.. Extrinsic motivation is the one we know.  Intrinsic maybe not.  Research has found that they differ in how effective they are at driving behavior.  Is one better than […]

ADHD: Bad Social Skills? Kill ’em with Random Acts of Kindness.

Crash!  Bam!  Scream!  What’s going on?  It’s just another round of ADHD.  Trade those tantrums into words of kindness.  Actions too.  They speak louder than words. Kindness is a virtue from which others flow, ultimately leading to happiness.  People with ADHD have been well documented for being disconnected due to their emotional challenges.  The goal […]

ADHD: Empowerment for Us All

People with ADHD have a lifelong condition.  Fortunately, symptoms change over time.  Weaknesses can transform into abilities beyond their wildest dreams. Attentiveness, impulsivity, and behavior are common symptoms of ADHD.  People with this disorder need to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of themselves.  They should be ready to combat false impressions from others. To […]

Discussions for ADHD Parents? Here’s How.

ADHD kids!  Behavior veers out of control.  Academic performance:  Confusion galore.  Nonstop noise.  Open communication is the way to find solutions. Students with ADHD struggle in the classroom.  So do their teachers.  Parents can facilitate understanding, effectively managing symptoms. Communication is important when helping students with ADHD.  Teacher interaction benefits performance through thoughtful discussions. Teachers […]

ADHD and Soft Skills Mean Workplace Success

  Soft skills and folks with ADHD.  Are they famous for people skills?  Most likely not. Soft skills are personal attributes related to human interaction.  Employers contend that soft skills are just as important as hard skills.  These qualities exist across a variety of jobs and life situations. People with effective soft skills work effectively […]

504 Plans in High School in College

Section 504 provides a blueprint for how students with disabilities accesses learning.  It is part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  This federal civil rights law seeks to stop discrimination.  It mandates equal access and opportunity.  It is the most common educational support for students with ADHD. In elementary and secondary education, schools are required […]

ADHD Independence is About Self-Determination

Making things happen in another person’s life?  Instead, have others do things for themselves.  It’s independence.  ADHD independence.  Know what they want and how to get it.  Make your own destiny. Self-determination is a characteristic of a person, making their own choices and decisions.  The trait is based on preferences and interests.  It’s less common […]

ADHD Diagnosis:  It’s Harder Than You Think

Running around with unlimited energy?  He has ADHD.  Staring into space?  She has ADHD.  Looking isn’t enough.  There’s a science too.  Say what?  Check it out. There is no single physical, mental, or genetic test for ADHD.  A diagnostic evaluation can be provided by a qualified mental health professional or physician.  Having a supportive team […]

Laughter:  The Best Therapy for ADHD

We live in a culture where the reliance on medication is common.  Some look for creative solutions for people with ADHD.  Humor draws people together.  It triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in the body.  What a perfect pair! Therapeutic humor uses the power of smiles and laughter to aid in healing.  Laughter appears to […]

Bipolar Disorder?  ADHD?  It Might be Both.

Speed goes up.  Emotions go down.  Up, up, up.  Down, down, down.  Bipolar disorder and ADHD look a lot alike.  You need strategies to tell them apart.  Here’s how. Bipolar disorder moves from feelings of euphoria down to depression.  The challenge is that it’s also characterized by impulsivity, physical over-activity, and mood reactivity.  These also […]

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