Edielovesmath provides academic therapy and education consultation practices for teachers and parents of teens and young adults with ADHD.  One-on-one Sessions (face-to-face and online), Videos, Webinars, Master Classes.

Academic Therapy:

  • Create behavior management action plan.
  • Support math/reading across content areas.
  • Develop executive functioning improvement program.
  • Facilitate high school/college transition process (Career Pathways).
  • Collect and analyze data used for education planning.

Education Consulting:

  • Develop programs in Career Pathways for STEM careers (sciene, technology, engineering, math).
  • Integrate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in inclusive classrooms.
  • Analyze curriculum design for inclusive and self-contained classrooms.
  • Collaborate with school/college/university staff to facilitate accommodations with instructional practices.
  • Create Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) action plans/protocols for colleges/universities.

Online Rates

  • $500/5 = $100/hour
  • $950/10 = $95/hour
  • $1800/20 = $90/hour

Face-to-Face Rates

  • $750/5 = $150/hour
  • $1250/10 = $125/hour
  • $2000/20 = $100/hour

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