Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter for Black Teens with ADHD

Black Lives Matter…especially for teens with ADHD. They aren’t acknowledged, get expelled from high school, and end up in jail. The answer? Black teachers.

Dudley, my African Grey parrot and best friend
Why Should I Take my Medication?

Many people living with Autism and ADHD require medication to function. Without it, they can’t regulate their behavior and emotions.

How Does Asperger’s Syndrome Affect Teen Grades in High School?

Teens and young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome often struggle in school. These research based strategies are winners. For both home and school.

Dudley, my African Grey parrot and best friend
Why I Didn’t Have Many Friends At School

School is difficult for many children of all abilities. Add Autism and ADHD to it, and it is even more difficult. Growing up, school was the last place I wanted to be.

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Attending the Elkhart County Fair as an Autistic Adult During COVID-19

For many Autistic and ADHD people, going to the county fair is a sensory nightmare. While I was growing up in Southern California, my family and I attended both the Los Angeles County Fair and the San Bernardino County Fair. We continued our fairgoing traditions and started going to the Elkhart County Fair after we […]

Gamewebsites zonder data- en paspoortverificatie in Nederland

Gokwebsites die geen ID nodig hebben of gokplatforms zonder verificatie in Nederland, — dit zijn de gaming webpagina’s waar het niet nodig is om uw gegevens te verifiëren. In feite zijn ze het virtuele formaat dat het dichtst in de buurt komt van klassieke casino’s, waar u kunt binnenkomen zonder gegevens achter te laten en […]

7 Tips for Teaching Algebra 2 to ADHD teens with Dyscalculia

ADHD teens with dyscalculia struggle with math understanding and calculations. Number based operations are impacted too. Algebra 2 builds upon Algebra 1 and Geometry. Use these tips to teach Algebra 2 based on ADHD and competencies.

Dysgraphia in College Students with ADHD: Accommodations and Modifications

College students with ADHD often suffer from dysgraphia. This learning disability in writing makes academics difficult. Accommodations and modifications provide opportunities for success. Self-knowledge helps them to figure out which supports they should use. Low-tech and technology provide many options.

How Can Project Based Learning Help Teens With ADHD?

Teens with ADHD can focus better working in groups. Project Based Learning (PBL) allows them to have different ideas, share them, then turn them into innovative ideas. Uses student-driven activities to build self-esteem.

8 Strategies to Prevent Summer Slide for College Students with ADHD

College students with ADHD suffer learning loss during breaks. The Summer Slide is equated with K-12, but college ADHDers need more. These 8 strategies lead the way.

What Are the 5 Best Ways to Stop Bullying of Teens With Autism?

Teens with Autism are more likely to be bullied than peers. 45% of high-functioning adults with Autism report being bullied as children. Stop the cycle with these research-based strategies.