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  • ADHD Folks…Chill Out!

    ADHD teens benefit by beginning meditation with structure.  It has been known for creating a deep sense of peacefulness and providing relief from anxiety.  Extended practice can help to increase self-acceptance Relax.  There’s no wrong way to do it. Take your time.  It creates a sense of serenity. Increase happiness through calmness.  Smile. Discover self-awareness.  Get…

  • Yoga Impacts Attention and Behavior for ADHD (Research)

    “Mindfulness” is all the rage, but it’s really just yoga.   It seeks to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.  Take a few minutes…experience the impact for hours. Warrior pose:  Strengthens arms, thighs, and back.  Stretches his flexors and abdomen.  Improves balance and concentration.