Multisensory Instruction

As a scholar-practitioner obsessed with research, I was born to work with “my kids” with ADHD and Autism.  A STEM girl with a love of math, blogging, social media, technology, yoga…and dogs 🙂

I am a highly trained professional practitioner across the broad educational spectrum for adults and students of all ages with learning challenges.  I was an Associate Clinic Director at Lindamood-Bell where I oversaw instructional integrity for reading and math interventions.  Most of all…I was their Star Trainer. 

My goal was to walk the path of my parents, to be a teacher. Encouraged by my dyslexic student, Lady Jessica, I became a catechist. Inspiring 4th graders at Mother Seton Parish about God was the perfect platform for teaching. Like the administrator that I was in “real life,” I became the 4th Grade Coordinator. The highlight was bringing my family’s saint into the classroom. Katharine Drexel…The patron saint of philanthropists. 

Reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, I wanted to work with a more diverse student body. After attending the Teachers 2000 program at George Washington University, I taught math, reading, and English.  I further pursued graduate learning in special education, psychology, online teaching, distance education, technology, e-commerce, and instructional design.  My favorite courses integrated academic research with my classroom experiences.  

I was a special educator as well, working with tweens and teens with disabilities in self-contained, inclusion, and general-education classrooms.  In addition, I wrote, evaluated, and managed IEPs and 504 Plans.  Parent meetings were especially wonderful as they provided me with opportunities to share their child’s many gifts.  

Seeking to work with Special Education students outside of the classroom, I became an After-School Activity Coordinator, ensuring the participation of students with disabilities in after-school activities. I later became an academic therapist, specializing in teens and young adults with ADHD and Autism. I parleyed my motivational, manifestation, and ministry gifts from God into my life’s purpose. I am blessed.

I am a member of the Washington DC Chapter of the National Writers Union. I was a member of the International Reading Association, having served as a Technology, Communication, and Literacy Committee Member. I have been an instructor for the DC Web Women’s Girls Rock the Web and Take Our Kids to the Web.

In my retirement, I seek to share my stories about my life and my kids with ADHD and Autism. I provide tips on how to deal with trending ADHD and Autism issues too. People have come to me with questions throughout my career.  My blog is my forum to provide answers.

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” (Chinese Proverb)