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ADHD and trouble reading? Dyslexia…maybe.

30% to 50% of people with ADHD also have learning disabilties.  Reading struggles may be the result of dyslexia.  How do you know?  What can you do? Proficient reading is an essential tool for learning, regardless of the subject matter.  Individualized, structured interventions are most effective. “Our kids” are concerned about their image. Think about […]

ADHD teen reading book (struggling)
ADHD folks: Wrangling with reading troubles? Cast out the spell.

Mystical, magical ways to improve reading?  Think big.  It’s metacognition. Metacognition helps readers to become comfortable in learning tasks.  It assists students with ADHD focus their attention on the task at hand as well.  The process facilitates making adjustments in errors as soon as they occur. Looking back in time… Yea!  I’ve been invited to […]

ADHD Students: Got good grades? Here’s how to keep them.

Summer slide?  It’s not in the playground.  Don’t fall victim.  Something comes up and steals academic progress, as much as 2 months. Summer slide describes the loss of academic skills over the summer break.  As a result, education does not continue.  This loss  is especially severe for students with ADHD because they are not engaged […]

ADHD Read-to Accommodation: So what?

The number of children ages 3-21 receiving special education services is 6.4 million.  That represents 13% of all public school students.  Accommodations provide supports and services to help students with disabilities access general education curriculum. Extended Time Taking tests Finishing assignments Learning new concepts Setting Reduced distractions Close to the board Close to the teacher […]

People with ADHD with Dyslexia too? Yes!

50 – 60% of people with ADHD also have a learning disability (LD).  8 – 17% have Dyslexia.  These challenges further aggrevate the learning for students with ADHD. Encourage that it is not a sign of laziness. Affects the way they processes written and spoken language. Reinforces that understanding complex ideas is unaffected. Increase low […]

ADHD + Reading = YIKES!

 Almost 50% of students with ADHD experience difficulties with reading. A school-related chore?  An unwanted job?  Getting teens and young adults with ADHD to read is an unpleasant activity.  Motivating them to read might be avoided with all costs, but it will pay off in the end. Try creativity. Think of reading as a social […]

“Just sound it out.” “Say what?” Reading 101 for teens and young adults with ADHD

Decoding is the letter-sound relation used to pronounce written words. It’s also what some might call reading. By improving skills, readers develop the ability to recognize words quickly and identify words they haven’t seen before. There is an ongoing contention regarding decoding interventions. Some focus on translating print into speech by rapidly matching letters. Others […]

Common Core Reading for HS students? Yes, indeed.

The English Language Arts standard has 2 components: Literature and Informational Texts. They work in tandem, defining college and career readiness expectations. Guidelines are integrated by grade levels (9/10, 11/12). Informational Texts Cite strong and thorough evidence to support analysis of what the text explicitly says. Determine the meaning of words and phrases using context […]

Do teens and young adults with learning disabilities and ADHD snooze while reading? Wake ’em up with active reading.

Active reading is a catalyst for critical thinking skills.  It improves problem solving as well.  It can be combined with notetaking strategies, improving retention and understanding of conceptual knowledge. Before reading strategies Ask “What is the topic?” Identify what you already know about the topic. Define unfamiliar words. During reading strategies Find the main idea/theme. […]