ADHD! Autism! Tell me your wants and needs.

Teachers and parents of teens and young adults with ADHD and Autism:

I need topics for my free online courses. Give a shout out with your ideas!






2 responses to “ADHD! Autism! Tell me your wants and needs.”

  1. Anita L. Enloe Avatar
    Anita L. Enloe

    I would love to see autism (undiagnosed) 40 yrs. ago and so, addressed and acknowledged. Navigating through life has been incredibly challenging at best. Are there helpful resources to address and learn to live more abundantly, available? If not, perhaps we can begin.

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      You are so eloquent. I understand your search for resources. I had to do a lot of research to write the blog posts on Autism. Perhaps we can work together. What’s another hot topic.

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