ADHD Coaching: A Road to Success

ADHD coach and teen

Trouble controlling behavior?  Challenging social skills?  Anxiety?  There are more than 3 million people with ADHD.   How can we help?  Coaches.

ADHD is a mental health condition characterized by difficulties maintaining attention.  It incorporates trouble concentrating, chronic boredom, and low self-esteem.  Challenging traits for adults include poor performance, procrastination, and relationship skills.

There are no diagnostic lab tests.  Therefore, few continue to get accurately diagnosed or effectively treated.  The disorder can last for years or be lifelong (chronic).

  • Impulsiveness
  • Trouble controlling anger
  • More likely drugs/alcohol
  • Reckless behavior
  • Depression

The most common treatment for ADHD is medication.  As it is a controversial solution, many look for alternatives.  Cognitive and behavior therapy help to improve self-esteem.  Relaxation training/stress management intervention seeks to lower anxiety.

ADHD coaching incorporates specific needs and personal goals.  It compliments medication and non-pharmacologic alternatives.  They help carry out practical activities of daily life in an organized and timely fashion.

For college students and adults, it addresses the broad fields included with ADHD symptoms:  planning, time management, goal setting, organization, problem solving.

There are a variety of facets included in ADHD coaching.  Life coaching focuses on setting goals and organization.  Mentoring/job coaching incorporates skills to improve relationships and on-the-job performance.  Family education and therapy addresses how it affects everyone’s life.

Building a relationship is critical to the success of ADHD coaching.  The first step is to create a collaborative relationship with the client.  Honest and frank discussions on specific emotional, academic, vocational, interpersonal, and self-esteem difficulties form the foundation for interventions.

The process continues with skills coaching, an incorporation of awarenesses, strengths, and challenges.  An action plan customizes supports by tailoring assets (supportive environments).  Building in psychological supports, goals seek to enjoy passions to achieve lifelong well-building.

Support comes in the form of encouragement, feedback, practical suggestions, and reminders (check-ins).  Wellness models include daily living, balanced, healthy lifestyle, and non-psychological barriers.  Progress is monitored through self-discovery reflections.

  • Collaborative
  • Client-centered
  • Client-driven
  • Self-identified goals
  • Accountability

ADHD coaching is a broad field with no licensing requirement.  Investigate education, specific training, credentials, knowledge of ADHD.  There are areas of speciality that should be selected based on specific needs.  Maintain focus to achieve life’s ultimate success.






8 responses to “ADHD Coaching: A Road to Success”

  1. Yvonne Cuellar Avatar
    Yvonne Cuellar

    Wow… What a purely wonderful website. You have just breathed in much needed hope for myself in how to help my pre teen daughter.who is diagnosed with ADHD thank you so much

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      I’m smiling ear-to-ear. My passion is older kids with ADHD. Folks don’t recognize them for the gifts that they are. I’m sure that you know how special your daughter is. I hope that she knows too.

      I have dedicated the rest of my career to building an international tribe that supports “our kids,” both in school and in life. I have a blog. Use my email sign up to receive newsletters. I make blog posts on Mondays. Videos are on Wednesdays. Social media links are on the home page.

      Share your stories. That’s why we’re here.

  2. Teresita Norris Avatar
    Teresita Norris

    Hello, my name is Teresita and I am 40 years old with ADD. I just recently finished getting my High School equivalency. Now, I’m in college going for my nursing degree and I am a little sacred that I will not succeed. I truly could use some advice on how to get through this.

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      I’m happy to say that last night’s post was on college success for people with ADHD.

      Last week’s video showed 15 studying tips for people with ADHD

      Sign up for my email list to get updates and newsletters. Social media buttons link to my YouTube channel, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You should find them helpful as well.

      You’re an inspiration. Don’t forget that.

  3. Benjamin Addo-Boateng Avatar
    Benjamin Addo-Boateng

    Keep me updated on ADHD I’m interested.

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      It’s wonderful to have another member to our ADHD tribe. People around the world share an interest, maybe love, to this community.

      The email list is the best way to stay updated on the Monday/Wednesday posts and newsletter. Check out my social media buttons on the home page (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+).

      Share stories, questions, or comments. Let me know any areas of interest that you might have. Enjoy.

  4. Melissa Moyer Avatar
    Melissa Moyer

    I have a 12 yr old son who will be 13 in ten days. He is ADHD, high functioning autistic, odd, anger issues as well n I’m a single parent ( mom an dad). I don’t know what to do anymore, seems like nothing works or helps anymore. I’ve reached out to every agency that I know of n to no avail. HELP

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      Thanks for sharing your story. There are many parents and adults who also face your challenges.

      Here’s a blog post on Autism/ADHD

      Check out my Google+ community. There are many active parents who share resources and experiences. It’s one of my favorite dialogues.

      Is there something specific that you want to talk about? If so, send me an email and we can schedule a video chat.

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