Do you ever wonder why our kids have lower self esteem than their general ed counterparts? Cognitive overload for one.


Traveling on the Wayback Machine…

Ahhh…A new school year full of opportunuties.  As you can probably guess, it’s my first year teaching.  Smart in math.  What more do I need to know?

1 hour later, I found out the answer…Take me back to my old law firm!  Everyone sits quietly and does their work.

2 weeks and 5 senior teachers later, things settled down.  Only 1 problem…no one could tell me what ADHD was.  The STEM girl that I am did research, but it was unclear.  I’ll test (confront) him so I can figure out how far I can go.  Let the games begin…

Yelling with my mouth 1 inch from his nose…Nothing.

Blowing on the back of his neck…Nothing.

Giving him a zero when he turned in his homework…Nothing.

I gave up.  ADHD is just a label.

“Here is our 1st quiz this year.  It will take 45 minutes to finish.  Ok, begin.”

Allow frequent breaks to avoid cognitive overload.

Get it?






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