What is Executive Functioning? Organizing, getting things done. Here are strategies.

Executive functioning abilities (cognitive processing) are mental skills to get things done.  They help people organize and act upon information.  These abilities are often a struggle for teens and young adults with ADHD.

  • Planning
  • Remembering things
  • Paying attention
  • Allowing someone to juggle multiple tasks

These challenges become obstacles in completing tasks both in and outside of school settings.  Additionally they make it difficult to start and continue tasks.

“Chunking” activities can improve performance when used consistently.

  • Break down tasks into smaller pieces.
  • Determine time allocations.
  • Set specific goals as landmarks.
  • Assemble materials for each “chunk.”
  • Create a deadline for each task.
  • Evaluate quality of work and progression toward deadline.
  • Identify and address concerns.
  • Review progress toward the final goal.







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