ADHD teen with dyslexia graduates with best grades in the family.

Another day in the wonderful life of EdieLovesMath…

James is one of my reading students with ADHD.  He was diagnosed as having dyslexia when he was a small child.  He didn’t even know that it was a learning disability in reading.

What he did know was that his  parents took him out of “regular” school and began homeschooling him.  There was professonal after professional, expert after expert, but he still could barely read.

EdieLovesMath didn’t have a clue.  James sat with a Bible and “read” every day at lunch.  I stuck my head in (mistake 1), called out (the wrong name), and strolled in and had a seat in the chair across from him.
“I think that it’s cool that you read the Bible every day.  I wish that I could.”  DUH!!!  Staring a monsterous glare…I can’t read!  I memorized it!!!”

EdieLovesMath used her greatest 20th Century tool, technology.  More importantly, assistive technology.  His parents bought the laptop.  Edie provided the demo software.  She integrated collaborative project based learning and he thrived.
James graduated from HS with the highest GPA of his family.

…the story continues.






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