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ADHD Diagnosis:  It’s Harder Than You Think

Running around with unlimited energy?  He has ADHD.  Staring into space?  She has ADHD.  Looking isn’t enough.  There’s a science too.  Say what?  Check it out. There is no single physical, mental, or genetic test for ADHD.  A diagnostic evaluation can be provided by a qualified mental health professional or physician.  Having a supportive team […]

Bipolar Disorder?  ADHD?  It Might be Both.

Speed goes up.  Emotions go down.  Up, up, up.  Down, down, down.  Bipolar disorder and ADHD look a lot alike.  You need strategies to tell them apart.  Here’s how. Bipolar disorder moves from feelings of euphoria down to depression.  The challenge is that it’s also characterized by impulsivity, physical over-activity, and mood reactivity.  These also […]

Is it ADHD?  Is it PTSD?  It might be both.

Having ADHD alone can be a contributing factor in getting PTSD due to their many risk-taking behaviors.  Post traumatic stress disorder is a condition that looks similar to ADHD, however there are varying differences.  The underlying reasons for the symptoms of both can be confusing. Survivor’s guilt Hypervigilance (constantly on the look-out for possible threats) […]

ADHD in Girls.  They Have it Too…A Lot!

Count it out.  50% to 75% of girls with ADHD are missed.  It doesn’t manifest in the same way for boys and girls.  Keep your eyes open when trying to diagnose different genders. Girls with ADHD have unique needs and characteristics.  It is more likely for 13.2% of boys to be diagnosed as having ADHD. […]

ADHD Diagnosis

There is no single method that should be used to diagnose ADHD.  Evaluation takes place at least 6 months after symptoms first appear.  In addition, symptoms must occur in more than one setting. Some symptoms include: In constant motion. Squirms and fidgets. Makes careless mistakes. Often loses things. Does not seem to listen. Easily distracted. […]