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Reading for HS and college kids with learning disabilities and ADHD? It’s content area reading.

So what on Earth is content area reading and why is it important to more advanced students?  Instead of relying on theme, this reading takes place in “content classes” like math, science, and social studies.  Non-fiction in nature, it focuses on collecting, understanding, and interpreting information. Content area reading strategies in math: Break words down […]

Off for the summer? How to avoid the “Summer Slide.”

Parents of teens and young adults with ADHD:  Did you ever wonder how to improve retention?  Continue learning during down times. Traveling on the Wayback Machine… Wow!  My first day at a new school.  I just have to wonder…Why is a math teacher in a reading class? It’s okay.  I was an Associate Clinic Director […]

Does color affect readability for my child with dyslexia?

Imagine two college professors going at it nose to nose.   One is American, the other British.  The one from the USA is wearing black and white. The chap from England is wearing a multicolored jacket. “Black and white has the greatest contrast!” Swish…”It depends on many factors!” Nose to nose…toe to toe. Yelling so […]

What are the benefits of small class size?

Students who receive reading instruction within smaller class sizes are more successful than those in traditional classrooms.  Interventions with positive learning result by providing longer and more frequent instructional times. Traveling on the Way-Wayback Machine to my student teaching…Boy did I get lucky.  I’m at one of the best colleges for education     (+The […]