ADHD teen reading book (struggling)

ADHD folks: Wrangling with reading troubles? Cast out the spell.

ADHD teen reading book (struggling)
Struggling ADHD teen reading a book.

Mystical, magical ways to improve reading?  Think big.  It’s metacognition.

Metacognition helps readers to become comfortable in learning tasks.  It assists students with ADHD focus their attention on the task at hand as well.  The process facilitates making adjustments in errors as soon as they occur.

Looking back in time…

Yea!  I’ve been invited to evaluate technology and reading research projects for the International Reading Association.  EdieLovesMath, but she loves reading too.  

My students just laugh.  At least the technology speaks to my geeky-ness.

Now, what to do?  Research and collaborate with colleagues.  The answer was the same the whole way around.  It’s not enough to have technology, students have to use it.

It’s not just about using technology, students have to think.

It’s not technology and education.  It’s education and technology.

Both rock…

Students with ADHD often receive reading interventions based on phonological awareness and reading aloud.  The outcomes don’t necessarily result in creating fluent readers.  In contrast, reading skills combined with metacognitive strategies enhance fluency and comprehension.

Using metacognitive reading strategies provides multifaceted processes to monitor understanding.  Students with ADHD benefit from sequential steps that include summarizing through think-aloud.  Verbalization takes them to a higher level of thinking, developing a deeper understanding of texts.

  • Understands what is needed to know for a specific task.
  • Integrates skills developed over time.
  • Steers students into adulthood (transfer skills).
  • Develops strategic thinking (process information).
  • Monitors understanding.

Teens and young adults with ADHD require reading comprehension for academic achievement.  The major goal is to identify the correct appreciation of learning tasks and what knowledge and skills they require.  Metacognitive reading provides a systematic process to understand complex issues, through strategic thinking.

“Our kids” in high school and college focus on content area reading.  Improve comprehension, vocabulary, and attentiveness:  Begin by thinking about thinking.

What strategies do you use when you don’t understand what you’re reading?    





4 responses to “ADHD folks: Wrangling with reading troubles? Cast out the spell.”

  1. Sharon Avatar

    If it’still trouble sounding words out, try this: Begin at the end of a word, sound out the syllables. For example, HOSPITAL Sound out the last syllable, “al”. Now go back one more “pit”. Put these together “pit-al”. Repeat it for the first syllable. “Hosp” then put it with the ones already sounded out, hosp-it-al. Pronouncing it as it is sounded out seems to make it stay in the memory. Think of similar words that can give a hint at the meaning. Hospital, hospice, hotel, host/hostess, hospitality. Always watch for patterns. “ER” meaning more. More fast, more big, etc. tion, ing, est are common endings that have a common meaning. If these are known, the words are much easier fo figure out.

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      Cool. I never heard of that before. Are you a reading teacher?

  2. Tom O'Malley Avatar
    Tom O’Malley

    Than u

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      What are you interested in learning more about?

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