Parents of teens and young adults with ADHD: What do you do when there’s bad behavior?

I have one Rottweiler, but 3?

“Casper, get off the couch.  Casper, get off the couch.  Casper, get off the couch!  Casper, get off the couch!!  Casper, get off the couch!!!  CASPER, GET OFF THAT COUCH RIGHT NOW OR I’LL GET YOU OFF MYSELF!!!”  

Funny when it’s someone other than you.  Just imagine, my Rottweiler puppy outweighs me by 20 pounds.  My little princess Odie , a Jack Russell Terrier mix, just laughs.

Moral?  Some infractions just aren’t worth the aggravation.

Dog Whisperer in training…







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