ADHD: Marked differences for teens and young adults (compared to childhood). National Institute of Mental Health (NIH)

Symptoms of ADHD associated with childhood continue into the teens and later years.  While hyperactivity is often a landmark of elementary grades, inattentive symptoms are more associated with adolescents.  It is more difficult to diagnose as they are not necessarily disruptive.

  • More challenging period as academic demands mount.
  • Restlessness may result in juggling multiple tasks.
  • May struggle with extracurricular and other activities as they have higher reliance on self-control.

Teens and young adults with ADHD become more responsible for their personal issues as they age.

  • Provide structure with clear rules that are easy to understand.
  • Help stay organized by posting a household calendar (chores, events).
  • Use a school to-do list.  Check off completed items.
  • Resolve later curfew, use of car, and increased allowance by giving reasons for your decision.
  • Listen to requests and responses before making interjections.
  • Compromise whenever possible.
  • Maintain treatment (medication, behavioral/family therapy).






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