ADHD + School + Music Make the World Go Round

shutterstock_333747140 What’s better?  Music or computers?  New research makes a case for Bach.

Students with ADHD might be seen as the “savage beast,” calmed by music.  It can be used in the classroom to enhance understanding and improve behavior.  They become risk-takers and sing as a group.

Back to my English-teaching days…

Yeah, a math teacher teaching poetry.  Statistics 501 won’t help me.  Wait!  Alicia Keyes writes poetry.  Lady Gaga too.  YEA!

Using modern-day music provides opportunities to see things in a new perspective.  Students analyze pop lyrics, then develop themes.  Learning African American history can work magic with hip-hop.

Music builds a community, sharing each other creatively.  It allows teachers and students to learn more about each other.  Reciprocal learning is key to building the best academic results.

  • Impacts energy level, based upon genre.
  • Affects feelings and moods.
  • Brings back powerful memories.
  • Allows students to focus and relax.
  • Reflects musicality and creativity.

Music can be used to help control classroom environments.  It supplemens the content, when used in conjunction with transitions between lessons.  Songs transform learners with ADHD, walking them through virtues of kindness.

“Our kids” learn best when it’s “outside the box.”  Give explicit directions, often.

What kind of music drives your creativity?  What song?





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