Advocacy for ADHD and Autism

Parents of teens with ADHD and Autism: Got a beef with your school? An advocate can help.  

Advocates are experts in the placement of children with special needs. Check it out.

Advocates can teach you how to go assist with your child’s school. These strategies help to increase possibility for each time. Together, they can develop your child’s own unique potential.

  • Help special needs children succeed.
  • Dedicate themselves to create opportunities.
  • Useful accommodations based on need.
  • Optimal learning situations.

An advocate is an expert in the placement of children with special needs. Flexibility is common.

Legal Issues

Advocates should be experts in the laws regarding education. They must also explain them to parents. It’s important for advocates to stay on top of legal issues. Current, rents, and websites too. Experts in the fields (legal terms, school terms, advocacy, knowledge). Federal and state laws are critical and are constantly under revision.

What do advocates do?

  • Advocates: One who pleads on another’s behalf. A lawyer.
  • Expert: A person with a high degree of skill in knowledge.
  • Consultant: A person who gives a person or professional.

Special education advocacy helps all their students in a variety of environments.  

They can serve and are easier to understand. This includes tremendous stacks of     information. Multiculturalism can become explosive. The advocate can also de-escalate school professionals with complex processes.

Advocate Solutions

  • Easy to understand, accurate information.
  • Information regarding school (systems, inner working, empowerment).
  • Advocate is a consultant.
  • Not employed by school.
  • Person who gives expert or professional advice.                                                                            
  • Advocates are more likely to become part of the team.
  • It’s important for parents to work together with the advocate and the school. 
  • The advocate should provide information for articles for the child to ignite change.

Strategies to be effective

  1. Knowing child (positive interspective)
  2. Create draft plans
  3. Gathering information 
  4. Determine action steps
  5. Knowing laws/policies
  6. Thought-provoking
  7. There are many benefits to have advocates in schools. Specifically would be knowledgeable of best practices. Their interest and practices improve their legal understanding.
  • School law
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Best practices
  • Identify needs/desires
  • Language issues

How to Choose An Advocate

  • Experience
  • Cost and charges
  • Personality
  • Style for disputes
  • Resources

Advocates for special needs students benefit from power movements. Parents need guidance from supporters. As a team with students, they are often reach potential

Do you think that it would be helpful to have an advocate?



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