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  • 10 Homework Strategies for Teens with ADHD and Autism

    10 Homework Strategies for Teens with ADHD and Autism

    Assigning adequate and appropriate homework is challenging for teachers and students alike. At its best, homework provides preparatory reading and furthers understanding. Unfortunately, it can also be a meaningless activity designed to keep students busy. Here are 10 strategies to help make the process smoother for “our kids” with ADHD and Autism.

  • Homework Strategies for ADHD and Autism

    Homework Strategies for ADHD and Autism

    Homework: What is it? It’s designed to help students taught in class. Learn content that goes beyond what was introduced in class. It also reinforces course content.

  • The ADHD High-Stakes Disaster

    High-stakes testing can be a quick path to failure.  They’re sometimes used to determine academic punishments.  This includes penalties, sanctions, and rankings, with a clear line drawn between those who pass and those who fail. Communicate with teachers early.  Establish strategies for everyone. Learn the vocabulary.  Standardized test vs. achievement test. Contact guidance counselors.  Discuss…

  • Homework!!! Avoid arguments, frustration, and battles with these LD/ADHD strategies.

    Schedule homework at a specific time and place. Encourage the use of written assignment books. Make a plan of attack. Start with easier/shorter tasks then proceed to more difficult ones. Determine whether the assignment is for completion or a grade. Offer help.  Don’t force it.