Homework Strategies for ADHD and Autism

Homework: What is it? It’s designed to help students taught in class. Learn content that goes beyond what was introduced in class. It also reinforces course content.

At its best, homework provides preparatory reading or debates. Unfortunately, it can also be a meaningless activity designed to keep students busy.

There’s a lot of challenges facing the word. Data shows that homework isn’t beneficial to grades or or GPA. Instead it’s detrimental toward school attitude, grades, social skills, and quality of life. Estimate 10 minutes (per grade level to determine an appropriate time estimate).

A study in 2013 contended that living communties that high-income students also spend too much time doing homework. If that happens to them, what happens for teens and young adults with ADHD and Autism?

  • More stress and overwhelm
  • Physical health problems
  • Lack of hing students with ADHD and Autism.
  • Researchers expressed concerns over burnout due to challenges of time.
  • “Time outs” are needed frequently (extended time accommodations).

Reason – Executive Functioning.

People with ADHD and Autism aren’t known for their self-control. Inattentiveness and hyperactivity are partof diagnosing ADHD and Autism. Distractibility is also common.

Overwhelm is tied to a lack of focus. When it gets too high, they are less likely to get a “reduced workload” accommodation.

Executive functioning disorder is common for both people with ADHD and Autism. They experience difficulty getting and staying focused. Classroom behavior and organization skills impact work in both places.

Flexible Seating

  • Increase space between chairs.
  • Dedicate quiet work space.
  • Provide preferential seats near the teacher.
  • Post written schedule (daily).
  • Use signals for private conversations.


Organization Skills 

  1. Purchase notebook or digital calendar.
  2. Get a set of books at home.
  3. Color-code at home.
  4. Use pictures.
  5. Chunk large assignments.

Homework is work done in preparation for a certain event or situation. Students gain information by reading and answering questions. Teachers and other education professionals should be mindful of executive functional issues.

Question: Would you decrease homework and assignments? 





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