The ADHD High-Stakes Disaster

shutterstock_138418532High-stakes testing can be a quick path to failure.  They’re sometimes used to determine academic punishments.  This includes penalties, sanctions, and rankings, with a clear line drawn between those who pass and those who fail.

  • Communicate with teachers early.  Establish strategies for everyone.
  • Learn the vocabulary.  Standardized test vs. achievement test.
  • Contact guidance counselors.  Discuss emotional challenges.
  • Understand what the results mean.  Is the grade (outcome) judged on this single test?
  • Help to prepare.  Identify adequate time, place, and accommodations.

“Our kids” see tests as a major source of stress.  Initiate strategies and techniques before evaluations begin.

What have been your high-stakes test experiences?  Parent, teacher, student.



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