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ADHD & Autism: 5 Tips to Success in Upper-Level Math

Can our teens with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) be successful in upper-level math? Yes. They just need the right instruction. High school students with ADHD and Autism often struggle in math. From early elementary grades, their math skills are unstable. The deficiencies can last through high school. Fortunately there are strategies to help […]

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Missing Math Skills for Teens with ADHD

Is math the hardest subject for students with ADHD? Perhaps. They have a higher rate of math learning disabilities compared to their peers. Likely there are strategies to help.  Most challenges for people with ADHD begin in elementary grades. They often continue to adulthood. This results in a breakdown in the learning process.  Highly cumulative […]

Math Learning Disabilities and ADHD: What does it mean?

Math Learning Disabilities:  Do they exist? Students with ADHD often struggle in math.  The question is:  Are there really math learning disabilities?   Yes, but they’re tough to diagnose.   Some research contends that 26% of students with ADHD have dyscalculia.  Others say that the number is higher (71%).  Identifying when a challenge rises to something […]

ADHD + Math…Yikes!

Math Anxiety.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Skills go up.  Skills go down…all the way down. Traveling on the WayBack Machine… 2009 rocks.  I have 2 sections of honors algebra.  No IEPs to be seen.  Really? 1st period comes, so does the shock.  ADHD for sure.  How do I know?  Comes in screaming, slams down books, […]

ADHD Students: Got good grades? Here’s how to keep them.

Summer slide?  It’s not in the playground.  Don’t fall victim.  Something comes up and steals academic progress, as much as 2 months. Summer slide describes the loss of academic skills over the summer break.  As a result, education does not continue.  This loss  is especially severe for students with ADHD because they are not engaged […]

Math Anxiety. What does it look like for teens and young adults with learning disabilities and ADHD?

Math anxiety is often defined as feelings of apprehension and fear that interferes with performance. Evaluation is considered when examining the student’s limited math scores on achievement tests. This process can be incredibly stressful for some students, leading them to feel constantly overwhelmed and under pressure, which could result in them performing badly when in […]

Common Core Math: What is it? Why should we care?

The Common Core initiative was directed toward public K-12 students in the US.  In spite of public opinion, it was sponsored by the National Govenors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).  The objective was to identify what students should know at the end of each grade level. It’s further designed […]