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Discipline Techniques that Motivate

People with ADHD are known for their explosiveness. Common problems include defiance and aggression. Emotional outbursts occur when they are asked to do difficult or challenging tasks. Luckily there are solutions.

Discipline techniques incorporate enforcement with concern. Problems and work often relate to correct behavioral issues. Verbal and written occur in the loss of privileges.

Intrinsic Motivation

Teens and young adults with ADHD lack intrinsic motivation. It comes from within the person. The ultimate goal is to perform for its sake rather than some external acknowledgement.

  • Reason(s) for action or behavior in a particular way. 
  • Keep them up-to-date and maintain interest.
  • Behavior
    • Reward: A fun activity
    • Reward: A sweet treat
    • You -pick-it: Positive reinforcement
    • Highlight positive actions
  • Praisitive action action
  • Ignore mild behavior

Statistics help to draw a serious picture of students with ADHD. 12% of students with have an IEP. Additionally, 58% of those are placed in confinement. Most challenging face police police intervention or arrest.. 

Having a home can provide a less stressful environment. The key is to provide a calm and less stress. Be consistent and calm at all times.

The best possible solutions rely on customized individuals. Self-reliant students with ADHD greatly seek independent thinking. This results in powerful thinking.

Individualized Strategies

  • Integrate self-discipline skills.
  • Consider/acknowledge weaknesses.
  • Provide a backup plan.
  • Forgive self.
  • Self clear techniques.

All hope is not lost. The classroom gies an environment to monitor behavior.The question is: How do you get started? Work as a team with other stakeholders. Home, school work. Keep the chain open.

  • Make sure that he/she understands the rules.
  • Consider cold,hard, cash.
  • Allow time with friends.
  • Engage in activities that are rewarding.’
  • Challenge others in activities that are “winnable.”

Discovering challenges from difficulties creates better outcomes. Take a minute..What is the best solutions you’ve ever had?






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