Extended Time – The most common testing accommodation for students with ADHD.  So what about it?

Extended time accommodations are given to students with disabilities who have significantly slower reading, writing, organizing, or processing.  This typically results in 50% or 100% additional time allowed in testing situations.  When used properly, it allows students to demonstrate their skills and amplify performance.  They still require some level of automaticity (reading fluency).  Students with ADHD often outperform their non-disabled counterparts when given additional time to complete assignments.  Greater benefits too.

  • Organize at the start of each class.
  • Review previous lectures, then summarize.
  • Highlight major concepts and terminology.
  • Get copies of the syllabus or class guide before lecture begins.
  • Confirm ability to use extended time accommodation in non-testing environments.
  • Request sequential steps for long-term assignments.
  • Seek assistance during office hours.
  • Use campus/school support services.







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