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8 Tips for Online Accommodations for High School Students with ADHD and Autism

Our ADHD and Autism students are everywhere! In the 2018-2019 school year, 71 million students received special education services (IEP). Even more received accommodations as a result of Section 504. What happens when class moves around? These 8 tips will facilitate transitions from brick-and-mortar buildings to distance education. Definitions to Remember Accommodations change how a […]

Students with ADHD Left Out in the Cold? Try Inclusion.

Good things happen when students with and without disabilities learn together. Inclusion is an all-embracing societal ideology. It rejects the use of special schools or classrooms for students with disabilities. In inclusive classrooms, all students belong, are equally valued, and deserve the same experiences and opportunities. They learn by being together, improved by diversity. Students […]

The ADHD High-Stakes Disaster

High-stakes testing can be a quick path to failure.  They’re sometimes used to determine academic punishments.  This includes penalties, sanctions, and rankings, with a clear line drawn between those who pass and those who fail. Communicate with teachers early.  Establish strategies for everyone. Learn the vocabulary.  Standardized test vs. achievement test. Contact guidance counselors.  Discuss […]