Extended Time: The Magic Accommodation for ADHD

Students with ADHD are often impacted by working memory and executive functioning challenges.  It makes doing school tasks and work more challenging.  Giving additional time provides them with support to be successful.





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  1. djvu Avatar

    Establish the evaluator’s professional credentials. Evaluators must be authorized by the state in which they practice to administer the necessary tests and to diagnose ADHD.

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The trick is that there are both educational and medical assessments. I’m doing research on the subject, with several states being evaluated. What has been your experience in your state?

  2. mezo Avatar

    Wow, thіѕ piece of wriiting is nice, mmy уounger sister іs analyzing suⅽh thіngs, so I am gοing to inform һer.

    1. Edie Brown Avatar
      Edie Brown

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