Homebound teens and young adults with learning disabilities and ADHD? Try math remediation with these strategies.

Teens and young adults with ADHD often need math remediation due to the lack of basic skills.  The process is designd to bring students who are lagging behind to the achievement level of their peers. Instructional methods are interventions created by defining targeted objectives that “fill the academic gap.”

Care should be taken in designing services. Use materials designed specifically for learners with ADHD.  Go to my YouTube channel for math videos that range from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus.  Tutorials and practice problems are included.  Workbooks are another great alternative.  Ask your school what book was used the previous year.  Get the ISBN for the corresponding workbook.

Once you’re ready to begin, make sure to “chunk” activities into a more managable number of problems, provide a graphing calculator, and allow extra processing time.  Additionally, these strategies will assist you when creating home based learning activities.

  • Analyze, identify, and use strengths to create an atmosphere of success.
  • Focus on skill sets for the math level recently completed.
  • “Crunching numbers” is not as important when using calculator accommodations in upper level math.
  • Focus on the language of math to address the nature of abstract concepts.
  • Create a firm foundation by introducing upcoming concepts.
  • Introduce spatial concepts then proceed to logical and conceptual ones.







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