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Research: There’s a Causal Link Between Lead Exposure and ADHD! 

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), even low lead levels raise the risk of symptoms related to ADHD.  Psychological Science published a causal link between lead exposure and ADHD, identifying it as an environmental factor. 

What is the problem?

It seems like something from the past, but it’s not. Sources of lead are everywhere. The trick is knowing where to look. 

  • Lead in paint
  • Water pipes
  • Pottery
  • Canned goods
  • Toys made in other countries

Metal toxicity is built up over time. It can take up to months or years to reach its full impact. It becomes stored in the bones, blood, and tissues. It can eventually show signs differently than adults. For example, children show early toxicity at lower levels than adults.

Young children are most at risk. Research in Psychological Science reports the impact of lead exposure can be serious. Children with ADHD are most affected. 

  • Anemia
  • Irritable
  • Nauseous/sick
  • Kidney and brain damage
  • Pain or tingling in the hands/feet

There has been extensive research on the impact of lead on the human body. The results show that lead is probably cancer-causing. Additionally, there are severe impacts on the nervous system.

Things are Trending in a Positive Direction

Good news! Thanks to governmental regulation, there has been a reduction of lead in the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency oversees lead in paint, dust, soil, air, water, and waste. The Lead Poisoning Prevention Act was introduced in 2021, reauthorizing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) public screening grants and programs to prevent childhood lead poisoning through 2026. More laws and regulations are forthcoming.

Parents, You’re the Solution 

While things seem hopeless, keep your chin up. Stay on the lookout for symptoms. Don’t decide for yourself. Seek medical advice.

  • Remove shoes before entering the house.
  • Wash hands and toys.
  • Prevent children from playing in the dirt.
  • Clean dusty surfaces.
  • Keep your home well-maintained.

It seems like you’re all alone. Fortunately, there are national, state, and local organizations to help. Use these websites as a start.

Public Activism

Healthcare organizations play an essential role in preventing lead poisoning. That includes screening, reporting, and follow-up. Be careful. Our kids with ADHD have additional side effects: Behavior problems, lower IQ, decreased ability to pay attention and lower performance at school. Stay sharp!

Question: Have you ever considered lead poisoning as your kid’s cause of behavior problems?

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