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Making ZZZ’s. The Challenge of ADHD and Silent Disruptors

African American man thinkingNoisy Students with ADHD? Think about the ones who are quiet…silent disruptors.

Students with ADHD  often lack the courage to speak out about things that matter to them. It’s a challenge to cut through complex issues. Feeling uncertain, they ask permission to be their true self. Look for signals.

  • Minimum depth of knowledge 
  • Unsuccessful at school and work
  • Isolation 
  • Confusion 
  • Disorganization 

Silent students usually suffer from a lack of self-confidence. This often disrupts learning in the classroom, it is critical in the importance of the role of teachers. Peer pressure can also impact the imbalance of academic performance. 

People with ADHD have similar issues that impact the transfer understanding. The silence also results in a lack of success in reading, learning,and understanding, and social importance of collaboration. 

Low self-esteem is a major challenge through weak  responses Create uncertainty. There are supports to improve performance. 

  • Give wait time. 
  • Focus on relationships. 
  • Encourage to be reflective. 
  • Seek personalized input.
  • Ignore small behaviors. 

Parents and teachers of older students with ADHD often feel that they are Supermen. Unfortunately, they can often make things worse. There is no grade for self-reliance and self-knowledge. Asking questions and using established knowledge in new situations. 

Understanding the value of information is crucial to the learning process.  Students with ADHD benefit by using creativity to help them. The goal is to adapt and alter transform. Appreciate outcomes whether right or wrong. 

  • Be consistent. 
  • Be clear, even when answers are obvious. 
  • Look for opportunities to be a leader. 
  • Take support for his/her positive

The impact of silent disruptors with ADHD is often changed for the better. They lack self-esteem and educational performance. With self-confidence and support from adults around, success is abound.





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