Students with ADHD Rock it with Learning Styles



Liberation!  Study “your way.”  Students with ADHD improve low self-esteem too.

An individual’s learning style refers to the preferential way in which a student absorbs, processes, comprehends, and retains information.  Students with ADHD utilize different styles and techniques.  They tend to have a dominant style of learning and far less with others.

  • Visual:  Images, maps, and organizers.
  • Auditory:  Listening, speaking, repetition.
  • Kinesthetic:  Tactile representation, hands-on.

Back to my days in the classroom…

How is it that a math geek ends up teaching English?  1st period.  34 students.  Most of them are English Language Learners.  I have the answer…Learning Styles Evaluation.  Everything worked out in the end.  Thanks to education researchers.   

Students with ADHD use different styles based on different circumstances.  They can develop abilities in less dominant styles.  Similaraly, they can continue improvement in more dominant styles.

  • Improves student/teacher interaction.  Enhances team spirit.
  • Allows better time management.  Less whining and complaining during transitions.
  • Shows better results and job satisfaction.  Increases academic confidence.
  • Matches with appropriate learning style.  Allows them to access information in terms that they are comfortable with.
  • Creates an accurate picture of classroom diversity.  Reveals the true needs of advanced and struggling learners.

Integrating learning styles improves outcomes for teens and young adults with ADHD through influences on behavior and understanding.  It shows an increased level of comprehension, motivation, and metacognition.  The improvement of communication with teachers, students, and parents benefits everyone.

“Our kids” need individualized help at every turn.  Integrating learning style preferences enable them to use their natural talents to find success.

Do you know your learning style?  How does that help?







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