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Is my medication for my ADHD working? How will I know?

Ever wonder why medication is often the first choice in treating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Consider that they are only 20% to 30% effective. The trick is finding which, if any, will work. Parents face a dilemma when selecting stimulant medication for their child with ADHD. It is key to explore perspectives based on challenges. There […]

ADHD and Medication:  The Never-Ending Battle  

Beginning in 2006, researchers and government advisors urged new warnings and information for parents using drugs to treat ADHD. To date, these recommendations have not been fully implemented. People with ADHD are well known for their impulsivity and hyperactivity. With medication, sometimes side effects further aggravate this depiction. Sleep problems Headaches Cardiac risks Loss of […]

ADHD in Adults: There are millions!

About 4% to 5% of adults have ADHD. That translates to 10 million. Some say that adults with ADHD can determine their diagnosis. Few are treated. ADHD is known as a childhood disorder. Some outgrow it, but more than 60% still show symptoms as adults. In contrast, if you have it as an adult you […]

Sports and ADHD: The Perfect Medication

Cutting-edge psychiatrists have begun recommending sports to support the side effects of ADHD. Try at least 40 minutes of activity per day. Factors to consider are medication, overall health, and scheduling. Choosing the right sport greatly impacts the factors of success. ADHD challenges structure, order, and distractability. For the most, teens’ most formidable opponents on […]