Sports and ADHD: The Perfect Medication

Cutting-edge psychiatrists have begun recommending sports to support the side effects of ADHD. Try at least 40 minutes of activity per day. Factors to consider are medication, overall health, and scheduling.

Choosing the right sport greatly impacts the factors of success. ADHD challenges structure, order, and distractability. For the most, teens’ most formidable opponents on the field are themselves.

Individual sports like martial arts provide activities that encourage focus and stillness. Athletes learn resiliency, how to get knocked down and get back up calmly. They also gain self-control and respect.

Team sports like soccer and basketball are more good choices. It is important to stick with a team once the activity has begun. Consistency is critical in developing social skills and a sense of belonging.

That’s the beauty of sport. You have the chance to create relationships that have the potential to last a lifetime. And if that doesn’t give you that feeling of belonging, it will be very hard to find something that will. Of course, even wearing custom hoodies that displays your team’s colors and badge will also help teens who have ADHD to feel that they belong in a team, whilst making sure that it remains consistent at the same time.

Wow! My memories of being a teacher are as strong as ever. Squirming, tapping, talking. Saying stop just made it worse. A parent talk about soccer was a winner every time.

  • Be a never-ending cheerleader. Focus on the can’s.
  • Educate teachers/coaches. Avoid humiliation.
  • Give suggestions to encourage success. Drill with energy and variety.
  • Keep them busy. Assign additional tasks (assisting scorekeepers, organizing equipment).
  • Go non-competitive. Helps to manage the stress of losing.

Teens with ADHD can successfully participate in sports. Adults play a significant role in the outcome. Make a positive difference by finding a sport that suits individualized abilities.

“Our kids” strive to be successful. Define success in the right environment, then help to make it happen.

What are your experiences with sports and your teen with ADHD?





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