Troubles in class? Build Coping Skills

Want to find new strategies for teens and young adults with ADHD?  Try building coping skills.

The goal isn’t that they have to think about things or details.  Luckily it minimizes, frustrates and values time.

People with ADHD often have challenges with executive functioning. This includes confusion with writing, reading, and organizing time. It is beneficial to offer a relationship assessment, the best out a variety of options.

  • Antisocial personality problems
  • Combative interaction
  • Strategies of control
  • Stressful situation
  • Compromise interaction

ADHD symptoms manifest in a variety of ways. Getting started can be erratic due to unpredictable schedule-development. Procrastination makes meeting deadlines a major challenge.  

  • Prioritize sleep.
  • Start with the easiest.
  • Keep short to improve focused effort.
  • Create structure.
  • Set a definite meal structure.

For students with ADHD, symptoms of impulsivity and inattention can be stressful in school. It is especially challenging when interacting with the environment (cognitive ability). Efforts can be difficult because of problems with follow-through.   

Classroom dynamics for students are impacted by several challenges.  The unpredictability to control, stressful situations, and complex genetic underpinnings.

Using strategies that are reinforced by setting a firm schedule.

  • Prioritize sleep.
  • Start with the easiest task.
  • Practice mindfulness exercises,
  • Turn to technology.
  • Approach like a marathon (long-term solutions).

Now that you’re in-the-know, what are your experiences with getting “our ADHD kids” in step with their peers?





4 responses to “Troubles in class? Build Coping Skills”

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  4. Radovan Radivojević Avatar
    Radovan Radivojević

    – Delegate what you can on other people. It’s highly appreciated skill among “successful” people
    – Choose people with positive attitude towards life and from whom you can benefit. Also, vice versa, try to be person like that
    – Forget to many goals, and on daily basis multitasking. Be realistic about your goals.
    – if possible choose try and tested solutions to achieve your goal. Learn and copy from people who already achieved your goal.
    – Maybe contraversal but use whatever medication helps you. Real stuff, forget natural sumplements.
    – Learn to say no
    – To lie little bit when it’s necessary, only in case it doesn’t target others with negative consequences. It’s OK if you feel like not wanting to be a part of group, not feeling like you want to go out with friends…
    – Always push your agenda. If necessary louse friends and break relationships. At the end you figure it out that other people do it anyway.
    – Forget perfection, success over night, and all the promises from other people that they are going to help you in XY because you are special and they like and respect you very much

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