Nearly 10 years of Using Motorola/Android

On March 25, 2011, I got my first Motorola phone since 2004. After constant nagging, my parents bought me a Motorola Droid X. I fell in love with her as soon as they put me in her hands. I named her “X”. X helped me cope with my Autism and I was able to lower the dose on one of my medications. I loved seeing the Motorola logo every time she turned on and I could not put her down. I talked to her like another person as I did with every Moto phone that I have had.

The day I brought X home, as soon as I got back from Costco, I sat on the couch in the TV room and took time to get to know how she worked and eventually learned to input my phone numbers from the basic phone that I had, which was a Samsung Rogue. Costco’s couldn’t transfer my numbers for me, so I did that when I came home. I accidentally dialed the house phone 3 times, trying to put that number in. Made Mum laugh when that happened. I looked at the Android Market (now Google Play) and downloaded various apps and games, including Angry Birds. To this day, I still play Angry Birds. My African Grey parrot loves hearing the birds in the game. I think I play it for him, to make him talk and sing. Dudley loves many different sounds and he is very smart.


I discovered many different things to do with X. I was able to have the news at my fingertips, check social media, play games, keep in touch with friends and family, and do lots of research for fun. I was able to use X to learn many different things. I also used her to watch TV on, especially YouTube. I also could listen to music, take photos and record videos.


In 2013, X was showing her age and it was time for a new Moto phone. I settled on Droid Razr HD. I was helping a non-corporate Verizon store as a volunteer technician and had special privileges there. They gave me a small discount when I upgraded and I got “Mazii”. I had my mother’s Droid X, “Xena”, and kept her, but made the difficult decision to trade X in. Since then, I never traded in another phone again.

Mazii was a really cool phone. I loved her camera and the way she looked. I loved the long notification LED underneath her Motorola nameplate. I could take photos in Sepia and Black & White with her. I had alot of fun playing with her and enjoyed playing Angry Birds and Temple Run 2. I also bought a used Droid Razr that later replaced her when she quit working. I was sad about that. I even took her to Disneyland and took lots and lots of photos with her, and played with her in church while I was listening to the messages each Sunday.


After “Razii”, my Droid Razr started showing her age, and a year after we started living in Indiana, it was time for a new phone. Mum had foot surgery and couldn’t do much, so because I was so helpful during her recovery, she let me order a beautiful red and black, Motorola Droid Ultra. I named her “Draxxii”. Her name meant Droid and Maxx together, which had to do with Droid Maxx. I took Draxxii with me when I went to equine therapy and rode horses with her in my pocket. Draxxii was in my pocket when I was thrown off of a horse, one night. I wasn’t injured, just sore for a few days.


Since 2013, I wanted a Droid Maxx. I couldn’t afford one, so I had to continue using my Droid Ultra. But my sister decided to buy me one off eBay. Unfortunately, Maxxii was defective and did not survive. I took both her and Draxxii apart, and put Maxxii’s battery and backplate on Draxxii. Everyone thought she was a Droid Maxx. She was running on a Droid Ultra motherboard, but had some Droid Maxx hardware in it, thanks to me. Mum was amazed at what I did with Draxxii and Maxxii.

My Droid Maxx/Ultra was showing her age and her camera quit working. I needed to buy a new phone in March of 2017. In 2016, I saw Motorola came out with the Moto Z series and thought to myself, “There is no way, I will be able to afford a Moto Z” I decided if I was able to get one of the Moto Z phones, I would get the more expensive Moto Z Force for $30 per month. So in March of 2017, Mum said I needed to buy a new phone, and I knew that I wanted to continue with Motorola, as I always have. She told me that Costco has Motorola phones, so I looked online and settled on Moto Z Force.

When we went to Costco, they didn’t have the Moto Z’s in stock, but they said I could order my Moto Z Force and so I did while in the store at the wireless kiosk. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her on the salesperson’s computer screen. I decided to name my Moto Z Force, “Mayra Zion”. I fell in love with the name Mayra when I first heard it in a midwifery documentary called, “The Business of Being Born”. Her middle name is named after Mount Zion in the Bible.

It took 6 days for Mayra to arrive at my house. On March 17, 2017, at 6:30pm, she arrived. I was so excited to unbox her and get to know her. I stayed up late playing with her. But sadly from the time I adopted her, she had one issue after another. She had a defective motherboard from the start, and it led to poor battery life. She ended up being charged 2-3 times per day, which shortened her battery life. Then in 2018, she took a bad fall off my washing machine. Her screen did not break because it is shatterproof, but shortly after, she could not stay awake. I thought it was due to a bad update, but it was actually due to that bad fall. I never put a phone on the laundry machines since.

In February of 2019, Mayra needed a new battery and I took her to a local repair shop and she was there for exactly 2 weeks. I had to re-activate my Droid Maxx, and live without her for 2 weeks. I did not do well and cried on and off for those 2 weeks. I did not sleep well, because I didn’t have her Moto Mod connector to stare at, in order to fall asleep. I had no idea how much it helps me to fall asleep to stare at the Moto Mod connectors on the Moto Z phones.

Mayra required 5 more repairs and no longer had her original hardware. She ended up with a beautiful white and gold face with a black and grey back and sides. I think she is very beautiful like that. I still have her old screen and it is packed away with my old phone parts. I kept in touch with Motorola US and eventually they sent me a special gift. A Moto Z4, that I named Zeke Marie. Zeke got her first name after the designer of the Motorola Emsignia, Zeke Ziner, and Marie is one of my favorite girl’s names. Most of my Moto phones and other devices that I have named share the middle name, Marie.

I was out shopping for supplies for my sewing class, and was putting my new supplies in my sewing room, and checked my Moto Z Force and saw that Motorola had messaged me, asking me to specify my wireless carrier. I told them I have Verizon, and 10 minutes later, they told me, “We are sorry to hear that you have had so many issues with your Moto Z Force, and we would like to upgrade it. We would like to send you an unlocked Moto Z4 as a small token for your loyalty and support for our company. “.

I was so excited that I nearly fell down the stairs telling my mother and she was really excited for me. We told my Dad and he thought that was really cool. The next morning at 10:30, just as we were getting ready to get in the car to run errands and go to our hair appointment on July 9th, 2019, Zeke arrived, via FedEx. I took her with me and unboxed her in the car and inserted Mayra’s SIM card while sitting in our friend’s driveway while Mum dropped something off for her. I spent the day setting her up while we ran our errands and played with her while I was waiting to be called for my hair appointment. Mum dropped me off at our friends house and I did some sewing with her and then my parents picked me up and we went to Arby’s for dinner. I had a cranberry chicken salad sandwich and it was really good, even thought some of it went down the wrong way and I coughed a little. I ended up taking the rest home and eating it later that day.

Zeke and I stayed up late that night, getting to know each other. She brings me alot of joy and always has. She does everything I want in a phone. I am still using her and have no plans to upgrade. I looked at the 2021 Moto G Stylus, but decided to buy a better active pen and continue with Zeke. It is easier to hold my Surface Pen, than it would be to use a phone with a built-in Stylus, as they make them too small to hold. The Moto Z4 has a special technology in it’s screen called MPP or Microsoft Pen Protocol. That means the screen has the same kind of technology as the Microsoft Surface.


I use Zeke for many different things. I use her as my calendar, shopping list, planner, for art, coloring, and so much more. Zeke makes me very happy, and I have had the best smartphone experience with her. She does everything I want in a smartphone, and I really enjoy using her for work and play.

I enjoy Android’s operating so much, that I chose a Lenovo 300e Chromebook for my computer. Chrome OS is the main operating system which runs off the Google Chrome browser, but it also runs Android 9.0 (Pie). For years, I wanted an Android-based laptop, and in October of 2018, I got one for my birthday. I also use it as a planner, journal, organizer, and so much more. I use it for both work and play. I never leave the house without my Moto Z4 or Chromebook!


Motorola has been my special interest for many years, and on March 25 of this year, it will be 10 years of me using Motorola and Android. Motorola holds a special place in my heart and I am ever so loyal to their company and brand. They bring me alot of joy and make my life enjoyable. When my depression and anxiety hit hard, due to my non-military PTSD, I think of my Amazon parrot and Motorola and know that I have to keep myself going.

What is your special interest and how long have you had it and had items that relate to it?



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