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Gifted/Talented and ADHD:  The Dynamic Duo

“Our kids” with ADHD are special gifts.  It might be more…they may be gifted.  How can you tell? Being gifted can be somewhat unclear, especially for students with ADHD.  Confusing and contradictory information can be misconstrued.  Delayed diagnosis further complicates the situation. The term “gifted and talented” is used when students give evidence of high […]

Off for the summer? How to avoid the “Summer Slide.”

Parents of teens and young adults with ADHD:  Did you ever wonder how to improve retention?  Continue learning during down times. Traveling on the Wayback Machine… Wow!  My first day at a new school.  I just have to wonder…Why is a math teacher in a reading class? It’s okay.  I was an Associate Clinic Director […]