Off for the summer? How to avoid the “Summer Slide.”

Parents of teens and young adults with ADHD:  Did you ever wonder how to improve retention?  Continue learning during down times. Traveling on the Wayback Machine… Wow!  My first day at a new school.  I just have to wonder…Why is a math teacher in a reading class? It’s okay.  I was an Associate Clinic Director at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes​ so it’s not entirely a lost cause.  What could be that hard, it’s just the first day?  I was about to find out. Summer Reading assignments were a crazy introduction to a mixed-up situation.   My job was to help kids finish the writing portion.  Too bad for the students…I am an avid reader.  One kid up…one kid back…another kid up…another kid back…another kid up…another kid back.  Why?  They only watched the movie! Reading is more productive in maintaining reading skills.  Read books, magazines, comics with complex story lines, topical newspapers.

Make sure that it happens."Summer Slide" in Reading Skills



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