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ADHD Related Burnout – Yes, it’s Real!

  Exhaustible! Exhaustion! Fashionable complaint? Nope. Burnout is an official diagnosis. Yes…it’s legitimate. Especially people with ADHD. Legitimate symptoms are used to qualify for burnout. There are feelings of exhaustion or energy depletion. There is an increased mental distance from one’s job or negativism related to one’s job. Evaluating the job performance, there is reduced […]

End Bullying With Compassion

Students with ADHD are more likely to bully others.  In fact, they are four times as likely to do so. The ongoing question is: How do they interact with peers? The feeling is that it arises when you are confronted with another’s suffering.  ADHD characteristics pose huge problems. Almost 30% are involved in aggression. Fortunately, […]