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What Can Parents Do For ADHD Behavior?

ADHD teens and young adults out of control? Parents hold the key. But how?

What is the behavior for ADHD teens like? Greater highs and lows for sure. Difficulty to deal with frustration. Poor decision making. Wow!

Behavior of teens with ADHD is off the hook. This is especially true with behavior in school.

  • Problems with high school behavior and attendance (3.0% to 7.0%)
  • Dropping out of high school (2.7% to 8.1%)
  • Fail 7.5% of their classes.
  • Miss class/school (3.0% to 10%)
  • Lower Grade Point Average (5.0 to 9.0 points)

Parents with teens with ADHD must accept that their child is functionally different.  They must address their symptoms.

Luckily, authoritarian parenting is a long-established way of dealing with children who need support. A parenting style characterized by high responsiveness. Very in the way of feedback and nurturing. Mistakes tend to be punished harshly. Does that sound like you?

 In teenage years, students are prone to emotional regulation. Lack of supervision is difficult, especially when they refuse medication. When ADHD and puberty collide disasters are to occur. The response is to conventional behavior.

Parenting style matters. It is influenced by the nature of their relationship. Unfortunately, it can become maladaptive. Psychiatric consequences can be impactful.

Authoritative parents see situations through their own eyes. High demands with low responsiveness. High expectations often result in harsh punishments. However, seeing things from the teen’s perspective is key.

  • Set clear boundaries.
  • Enforce clear limits on behavior (consistently).
  • Use positive discipline instead of punitive forceful measures.
  • Encourage independence (autonomy).
  • Endorse clear limits on behavior (consistency).
  • Reason with child, more than demanding more than blind obedience.

Teens with authoritarian parents tend to be assertive. They explore new environments. They are responsive and high demands.

Keep in mind that they are alternatives to the authoritative to monitor teens with ADHD. These rules are followed in every area of your life: home, school, and social areas.

Beneficial Outcomes

Parenting that speaks to nurturing, improving the boundaries of teens with ADHD. They tend to be happy and content. It gives them a new environment without fear.

With parental support, teens with ADHD have self-awareness and provide warth cooperate with “ peers. They express good emotion and self-control. Social skills improve with them.

Teens with ADHD are more likely to:

  •  More independent
  • Become academically successful
  • Self-reliant.
  • Socially accepted 
  • Avoid drugs/alcohol 

What to do at home? What about behavior at school? 

  • Define the rules; allow flexibility.
  • Encourage out-loud thinking. Manage the process him/her as mirrors what they see. 
  • Manage aggression by providing “time out” for a period to cool off.
  • Create structure. Establish rituals to provide essential structure.

Question: What are you? Tough or kind? Both?








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