Emotional Intelligences: The Answer to Our Prayers?

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Do older kids with ADHD understand their emotions? What about others? It may be difficult to understand. It’s all about emotional intelligence.

Self-emotion is the key to finding their personal goal. Taking another’s feelings into account is important. So is emotional maturity.

The missing link for people with ADHD falls into a variety of environments. Mental and cognitive health greatly impactly affect day-to-day interaction. Anxiety, depression, and toxic effects the challenges.

  • Awareness (turned on)
  • Regulation (self-motivate)
  • Management (set internal goals)
  • Awareness of others (empathy)
  • Social skills (get along with others)

Managing emotions in home and school greatly impact personal interaction. Take personal time out. You should take responsibility for their behavior.

Find teachable moments. Watch your extolments. Remember, the child has the responsibility on how they react.

Parent/teacher solutions

  • Integrate social and emotional learning curriculum (SEL).
  • Connect with peers.
  • Practicing reading others (face-to-face).
  • Develop new strategies.
  • Teach problem-solving strategies.

Reasoning allows people with ADHD to be aware of decision-making tools. Give them the chance to evaluate their decisions. Let them use their thoughts and ideas.

Personal effects

Coaching can present alternative fundamental. It also provides tips to manage understanding.

  • Acknowledge feelings and perspective.
  • Look to past reactions.
  • Allow expression (calm on both sides).
  • Talk about emotions in simple terms.
  • Wait it out.

To understand emotions, people with ADHD must be able to accurately identify them. Books, games, TV will help. Ask what emotion does the character show? Look inside.

Self-awareness provides the best alternatives. Managing emotions allows them to weigh options and outcomes.  Look forward to better times ahead.

The sight and sounds of teens and young adults with ADHD hold explicit challenges. Do you know opportunities to help -Work together, volunteer. 

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