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Emotional Intelligences: The Answer to Our Prayers?

Do older kids with ADHD understand their emotions? What about others? It may be difficult to understand. It’s all about emotional intelligence. Self-emotion is the key to finding their personal goal. Taking another’s feelings into account is important. So is emotional maturity. The missing link for people with ADHD falls into a variety of environments. […]

Dance therapy (ballet)
Does Dance Help ADHD?  Absolutely

Dance Therapy (DT) is used for students diagnosed with ADHD. Movement has been a long-term method for modifying elements. It reduces hyperactivity, impulsivity, and distractibility. Another benefit is reducing stress and emotional ups-and-downs. Alternative Treatment Research on people with ADHD has shown the positive effect and value of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT). Sessions are held in […]

Can CBT Help Teens with ADHD? Yes

Families of adolescents with ADHD seek many resources for intervention. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is gaining popularity. The question? What is it? Put into a broader perspective, CBT is an evidence-based practice aimed at improving mental health. CBT can treat a wide range of mental illnesses but you can see it here if you want to […]

Laughter:  The Best Therapy for ADHD

We live in a culture where the reliance on medication is common.  Some look for creative solutions for people with ADHD.  Humor draws people together.  It triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in the body.  What a perfect pair! Therapeutic humor uses the power of smiles and laughter to aid in healing.  Laughter appears to […]