Mother and Daughter Work Together to Discover Success in Geometry!

Another day in the wonderful life of EdieLovesMath…

Vicky is one of my champion math students with ADHD.

She and her mother Jane diligently did homework together every night.  One night, like any other, the family was chowing down and discussing their day.  There was one problem ruining this bucolic scene, The Winter Break Geometry Packet!  Most nights things go well, but this assignment was difficult to begin.  Jane only needed a jumpstart, then she’d be good to go.

Vicky knew exactly what to do.  Meet EdieLovesMath on Google Hangouts, an online video chat.

The empowered young woman that she was, Vicky said exactly what she needed. She took a picture of her Study Packet, then shot it over.  EdieLovesMath hopped up lickety split and cut a video showing how to complete 2 problems (sloppy handwriting and all).  She posted it on YouTube and yelled back that her mission was complete. That was it.

Jane and Vicky made it happen.  Full credit on the assignment  🙂

To be continued…



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