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ADHD Students: Why Fight? Collaborate.

Student groups with kids with ADHD are a hot mess.  How can they get good grades?  Work together toward a single goal. Student collaboration joins classmates as groups to solve problems together.  The goal is getting an organized endeavor to a satisfying and most appropriate end.  To achieve this groups seek compromise to develop similar […]

ADHD Folks Never Stop Learning. It’s Lifelong.

  Students with ADHD fight in class.  Behavior sometimes changes as they age.  Why work when there are accommodations?  Lifelong learning in the 21st Century.  That’s why. College isn’t just about getting a degree.  It’s about the the ultimate welfare of students, especially those with disabilities.  Taking the initiative to learn, students with ADHD strive […]


ADHD = hyperactivity galore.  Why do they shut down at a moment’s notice?  Motivation changes everything. Motivation is something that gets students with ADHD going, keeps them working, and helps to complete tasks.  It has been conceptualized including inner forces, enduring traits, behavioral responses to sets of beliefs and effects.  Behavioral theories view motivation as […]

Innovative Teaching Makes Happy Folks with ADHD

ADHD students.  Reading/listening. Failure? Try creativity, collaboration, INNOVATION! Innovation is any teaching strategy, approach, technique, or tool that is used in a new way.  It produces quantifiable gains for outcomes or student experiences.  It proactively integrates creativity into the classroom. The first day of Algebra 1.  The same old thing.  “What do we need to […]

Students with ADHD Rock it with Learning Styles

  Liberation!  Study “your way.”  Students with ADHD improve low self-esteem too. An individual’s learning style refers to the preferential way in which a student absorbs, processes, comprehends, and retains information.  Students with ADHD utilize different styles and techniques.  They tend to have a dominant style of learning and far less with others. Visual:  Images, […]

People with ADHD with Dyslexia too? Yes!

50 – 60% of people with ADHD also have a learning disability (LD).  8 – 17% have Dyslexia.  These challenges further aggrevate the learning for students with ADHD. Encourage that it is not a sign of laziness. Affects the way they processes written and spoken language. Reinforces that understanding complex ideas is unaffected. Increase low […]

ADHD earns $4,500 less!

College graduates with ADHD earn $4,500 less than their counterparts.  They are more likely to be fired.  Additionally, they change jobs more frequently based on their challenging work habits. Set multiple alarms to avoid being late. Use task lists to avoid being bogged down for simple tasks. Organize desk area to deter mountains of paperwork on […]

ADHD and Addiction? 30% – 50%

It is common for people with ADHD to turn to addictive substances such as alcohol, marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. Their attempt is often to improve abilities, help them feel better, or self-medicating.  The activities work at first, providing them with ADHD relief.  Ultimately, these high-risk behaviors can result in academic failure, incarcerations, or death from […]