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Labeled?  5 Tips for Overcoming the Stigma of ADHD

ADHD can affect anyone regardless of age, culture, gender, ethnicity, or social class.  Public attitudes and beliefs expose them and their loved ones to prejudice and discrimination.  Internalization can result in embarrassment or self-loathing.  There are strategies to turn these negative perceptions around over time. The challenges of ADHD are not always limited to primary […]

ADHD and Critical Thinking: Can skills improve?

People with ADHD and thinking skills?  It’s tough… how about critical thinking?  It’s tough, but there are strategies. Critical thinking uses working memory to think and solve problems.  It requires learners to recall previous information, training the brain during the process.  It recognizes the changes as a result of  greater demands. The United States ranks […]

Gifted/Talented and ADHD:  The Dynamic Duo

“Our kids” with ADHD are special gifts.  It might be more…they may be gifted.  How can you tell? Being gifted can be somewhat unclear, especially for students with ADHD.  Confusing and contradictory information can be misconstrued.  Delayed diagnosis further complicates the situation. The term “gifted and talented” is used when students give evidence of high […]

ADHD and Immaturity: Frustration Galore!

Act your age!  Immature?  You bet, and there’s science to back it up. It takes longer for people with ADHD to mature.  This nonlinear process causes a back-and-forth that stifles long-term development.  Children can be more than 3 years behind.  It takes adults until their late 30s to reach maturity levels of 21-year-olds. The decreased […]

Say what?  10 Tips for ADHD’ers Taking a Foreign Language

Spanish.  French.  Chinese.  Maybe Latin.  Students with ADHD often struggle with foreign language classes.  Some fail.  Some avoid.  Can they get around it? Struggles often result from phonological difficulties, even in their native language.  These deficiencies often result from language processing delays.  In addition, learners can be exposed to a new alphabet, which exasperates reading […]

ADHD and Medication:  The Never-Ending Battle  

Beginning in 2006, researchers and government advisors urged new warnings and information for parents using drugs to treat ADHD.  To date, these recommendations have not been fully implemented. People with ADHD are well known for their impulsivity and hyperactivity.  With medication, sometimes side effects further aggravate this depiction. Sleep problems Headaches Cardiac risks Loss of […]

Is it ADHD?  Is it PTSD?  It might be both.

Having ADHD alone can be a contributing factor in getting PTSD due to their many risk-taking behaviors.  Post traumatic stress disorder is a condition that looks similar to ADHD, however there are varying differences.  The underlying reasons for the symptoms of both can be confusing. Survivor’s guilt Hypervigilance (constantly on the look-out for possible threats) […]