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ADHD = hyperactivity galore.  Why do they shut down at a moment’s notice?  Motivation changes everything. Motivation is something that gets students with ADHD going, keeps them working, and helps to complete tasks.  It has been conceptualized including inner forces, enduring traits, behavioral responses to sets of beliefs and effects.  Behavioral theories view motivation as […]

ADHD + School + Music Make the World Go Round

What’s better?  Music or computers?  New research makes a case for Bach. Students with ADHD might be seen as the “savage beast,” calmed by music.  It can be used in the classroom to enhance understanding and improve behavior.  They become risk-takers and sing as a group. Back to my English-teaching days… Yeah, a math teacher […]

Innovative Teaching Makes Happy Folks with ADHD

ADHD students.  Reading/listening. Failure? Try creativity, collaboration, INNOVATION! Innovation is any teaching strategy, approach, technique, or tool that is used in a new way.  It produces quantifiable gains for outcomes or student experiences.  It proactively integrates creativity into the classroom. The first day of Algebra 1.  The same old thing.  “What do we need to […]

Sports and ADHD: The Perfect Medication

Cutting-edge psychiatrists have begun recommending sports to support the side effects of ADHD.  Try at least 40 minutes of activity per day.  Factors to consider are medication, overall health, and scheduling. Choosing the right sport greatly impacts the factors of success.  ADHD challenges structure, order, and distractability.  For the most, teens’ most formitable opponents on […]

ADHD Read-to Accommodation: So what?

The number of children ages 3-21 receiving special education services is 6.4 million.  That represents 13% of all public school students.  Accommodations provide supports and services to help students with disabilities access general education curriculum. Extended Time Taking tests Finishing assignments Learning new concepts Setting Reduced distractions Close to the board Close to the teacher […]