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ADHD and Immaturity: Frustration Galore!

Act your age!  Immature?  You bet, and there’s science to back it up. It takes longer for people with ADHD to mature.  This nonlinear process causes a back-and-forth that stifles long-term development.  Children can be more than 3 years behind.  It takes adults until their late 30s to reach maturity levels of 21-year-olds. The decreased […]

ADHD and Medication:  The Never-Ending Battle  

Beginning in 2006, researchers and government advisors urged new warnings and information for parents using drugs to treat ADHD.  To date, these recommendations have not been fully implemented. People with ADHD are well known for their impulsivity and hyperactivity.  With medication, sometimes side effects further aggravate this depiction. Sleep problems Headaches Cardiac risks Loss of […]

ADHD: A Gift or a Curse?

  ADHD is not easy to live with.  No one will argue with that.  The silver-lining beyond the clouds?  Yes. We should not make light of this disorder.  The world’s psychiatric handbook, DSM-V outlines specific diagnostic symptoms.  It’s further treated with medication or requested special academic help. To receive a diagnosis, true ADHD comes with […]


ADHD = hyperactivity galore.  Why do they shut down at a moment’s notice?  Motivation changes everything. Motivation is something that gets students with ADHD going, keeps them working, and helps to complete tasks.  It has been conceptualized including inner forces, enduring traits, behavioral responses to sets of beliefs and effects.  Behavioral theories view motivation as […]

Sports and ADHD: The Perfect Medication

Cutting-edge psychiatrists have begun recommending sports to support the side effects of ADHD.  Try at least 40 minutes of activity per day.  Factors to consider are medication, overall health, and scheduling. Choosing the right sport greatly impacts the factors of success.  ADHD challenges structure, order, and distractability.  For the most, teens’ most formitable opponents on […]