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How to Find College Success for People with ADHD

People with ADHD are less likely than others to attend college.  Lower graduation rates are often attributed to greater psychological difficulties. Fortunately, trends show an increasing college population of students with ADHD, growing to approximately 2% to 8%.  Another 20% of non-labeled students are approaching its diagnostic criteria. Compared to peers, people with ADHD face […]

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How Teachers Teach Matters, Especially with ADHD

It goes without saying:  Students with ADHD have challenges beyond paying attention.  Teacher-directed, student-centered strategies create an environment for academic success.  Increasing involvement and responsibility for learning is key. ADHD is a disability that impacts physical, mental, and emotional components of an affected person.  ADHD in teens and young adults is further impacted in academics, […]

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Struggling? Try online learning.

Online instruction is a developing solution that provides greater understanding and deeper involvement for students with ADHD. Online learning takes place over the internet, anytime, anyplace. The learner takes responsibility for success. Students with ADHD have to be extremely motivated to adapt to the unstructured environment. Luckily there are several platforms to choose from, each […]

ADHD Folks Never Stop Learning. It’s Lifelong.

  Students with ADHD fight in class.  Behavior sometimes changes as they age.  Why work when there are accommodations?  Lifelong learning in the 21st Century.  That’s why. College isn’t just about getting a degree.  It’s about the the ultimate welfare of students, especially those with disabilities.  Taking the initiative to learn, students with ADHD strive […]